Modern Portraiture: The Art of Brian Sawe

Bold colors, distinct African features and a unique style is what i would use to describe the Art of Brian Sawe. A 21 year old self taught fine artist, Sawe not only paints, but also does live sketching. Having practiced for two years now, he has exhibited at Kerry Parker Civil Library in Adelaide, Australia, The National Museum of Kenya, The Polka Dot Gallery, just to mention a few.

In his words, Sawe says his work mainly revolves around identity, self expression and taste making. “I am curious to find out more about myself, and this is manifested in my work. Also I intentionally try to create work that is appealing at first glance, in line with my taste”

Brian works mainly at the Dust Depo at Nairobi Railways Museum. This is home to many artists, including the renowned Patrick Mukabi. His work is up for sale: He takes commissions too!!

Scroll through for some of his work. To buy one, please email Emmaus ( or Arts Taste CurioCity (




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