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Studio SoKu Opening

On the 24th of March, I attended the Studio SoKu Opening. Richie Njogu and Jeremy Sonko were opening their new art space, a white, well lit house in Nairobi’s South B.

Studio Soku - Some Of Jeremy's and Richie's works

Studio Soku – Some Of Jeremy’s and Richie’s works

About SoKu

Njogu Kuria and Jeremy Sonko, established artists with a portfolio to speak for themselves, got together and decided to create a studio space. Not only are they brilliant, but also have had numerous exhibitions across the city.


The name SoKu is a corny derivative of a combination of their names: Sonko and Kuria. (Kinda like the corniness I used to create Artleeyo ha!)

Studio SoKu Opening

An exhibition of their work marked the opening of SoKu. The open living room had drawings and paintings by Jeremy. One wall had a gallery of women, made using sponge on novel papers.

The Gallery wall by Jeremy Sonko

Sounds crazy, right? But nothing is impossible to him, apparently. He used pages from a book titled ‘Thank you for having me’ by Maureen Lipman. Characters from the book inspired each artwork created.The papers were stuck on a piece of board, and the outside frame of this, burned to create a vintage effect. He then drew the women using ink and sponge, while observing the elements of art, creating masterpieces.

Details of one of the pieces

His other paintings on the other side, where colorful, heavily textured abstract cubism compositions.

Njogu’s works accentuated mostly the LED lit corridor. The vinyl maesto, who also paints, FYI, was the one who was receiving guests with some ujibenda. His pieces included a vinyl piece of Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta, a painting of afro-pop godfather Fela Kuti among others.

LED lit corridor

In attendance was a couple of artists, including Joyce Kuria, Cheryl Nagawa, and Mandela Osula.

In addition, the bathroom had some sort of black board where the guests could leave their comments.

I wouldn’t be left behind

Generally, The Studio SoKu opening was a great success. Seeing as the space is open to the public, it is bound to inspire a lot of upcoming young artists. Congratulations to Njogu and friends for this brilliant opening.

Studio SoKu Instagram.



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im not sure if its just me but i prefer artists to speak more with thework the familarlize with like I feel you are more comfortable with pictures and paintings so you should use more of that. an example is if you just gave a description of the art show and then take your readers through the experience as you saw it: through photos of paintings you saw. im not sure if this works, its just a suggestion


Leona Ekina

Thanks for the feedback.



use less words and more photos


Leona Ekina

HI, I appreciate your feedback, but every post is unique, like, for stance, if you look at the Railways Open Day, I had many photos. But i love writing too so it’s gonna be a good balance of both.


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