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The Next Gen Exhibition by The BSQ Crew – A Review

The National Museum of Kenya is hosting The BSQ Crew‘s exhibition, The Next Gen Exhibition.

Exhibition: “Next Gen Exhibition”
When: December 8th, 2017–January 15, 2018
Where: National Museum of Kenya

About BSQ

Formed in 2011, the Crew consists of a squad of street artists from Nairobi, Kenya. Kenneth Otieno(kaymist4), Babeto Ochieng (Thufu-B) and Brian Musasia (Msale) make up this talented group. Their specialty include mural work and graffiti. To enumerate, beautifying plain walls is their greatest passion.

The Next Gen Exhibition

The Opening

The exhibition opened on the 8th of December, 2017. It is important to note that this is the National Museum’s first time to host a street art exhibition. The artists treated the guests to a live spray painting session on one of the temporary walls provided. This gave them an exposure to the fresh look and experience of a spray can.

Subsequent Days

The exhibition is currently ongoing, until 15th January 2018. And this, altogether, gives them a lot of time to showcase their work to the public.

The Styles

Kaymist has a distinct Afro-futuristic style. His paintings depict mostly African women from different locations. In addition, and he gives it a twist by adding bolts, nuts and gears to create his curious take on mechanics and technology. Not only is his work beautiful, but also gives a different perspective from the cliche African art that we see daily.

Thufu-B is a maestro of lines. He is fondly dubbed the “Lines Man”. He uses distinct lines to create shapes of curvy African women. In effect, his eccentric style brings out masterpieces that are worth the money. His use of bright and bold lines significantly creates movement and shape and in my opinion, was the best part of this exhibition.

Fulani Hut

Msaleh showed off with his signature abstract Afro patterns. If you know his, you would not miss his work just from a glance. Furthermore, of all the artists, he had the most diverse pieces. From patterned murals, to African women’s portraits and to trio pieces.

Afroqueen VI

All things considered, this was a well planned out showcase of art. The BSQ Crew prove that they are masters of this game, thus, making it an exhibition of 3 people with 3 different energies. This makes their paintings an event for every viewer.

Scroll through for more photos from the exhibition.

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