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This post was written by the artist himself.

1. My name is Joseph Gaitho Kimani aka Gathman.KE (my brand name). I am 35 years old, Married and a Father of one. I work in a local Cement Company as an Automation Technician, yes my career is Electrical-based Engineering.

What is ART!
My concept about ART! To me ART is simply AppReaciaTing Creatively! Appreciating Nature, Beauty, Artificial craft, Creation, Ideas etc with minimum or no words!
ART is Expressing and/or Communicating the good, the bad and the ugly in the Society. It’s a way of life in that with expressing and communicating comes LEARNING and imparting knowledge. ART is a creative way of provoking in an acceptable way. Last but not least, ART is a JOB! A means of putting food on the table, paying bills and investing in future.

To me ART is simply AppReaciaTing Creatively!

My ART is currently one of my side hustles. Gathman.KE deals with Creative Fine Arts, Logo designs, Branding, Home and Office Decor and Creative Designs. That way simply from ART, I can make a livelihood out of it. I believe in strong relationships and my work has impact on people’s lives. I make beautiful Art of people’s loved ones. Currently the demand for portraits has been high and most of my recent work is clients’ portraits, mostly Ballpoint Pen ART.

Art had me talk to students on balancing Career, Education and Talent and also managing their talents. This way making an impact on the generations behind us. I always tell upcoming artist “ART is Free, but the moment you put your skills on a medium you give it your time! It ceases to be FREE and that’s when you start Charging!” An Artists work and skill are not for free!

Art in general (i.e Visual, Performing, Creative arts etc) in Kenya has grown from just ta

lent to making money. The Corporate World has embraced Creatives, empowered them and in turn given them space to turn their Talents into Skills into Careers.

Institutes of higher learning too are putting more focus on ARTS not just as a back up plan, but as a career.

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Gaitho Kimani

Thank You for featuring this guy and thank you so much for this platform, spread the ART. Cheers Leona.


Leona Ekina

always a pleasure Gaitho! looking forward to more from you!


Sheldon John mabangu

You just inspire me each and every time i get to see you pieces. I really appreciate


Hey, thanks for the article post. Awesome.


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