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BrushTu Open Day

On Saturday, 11th of February, the BrushTu Art Studio hosted the BrushTu Open Day. They hosted the event at their premises, which is Hse Number 379 on Buruburu Phase 1, on Ol’ Leleshwa Rd.

About BrushTu

Founded by a group of young Artists in Nairobi, the studio is an independent contemporary Art Collective. Their mission is to “blur out the boundary of the artist, community, space, medium and identity”. They engage in a number of artistic expressions like murals, paintings, sculpture and film. Furthermore, their main theme revolves around Nairobi and their relationship to it.

BrushTu Open Day

I got to the studio at around 11am, which was decent considering start time for the event was 10am. Beautiful faces welcomed me,  and I could immediately see a lot of impressive artwork.

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The front yard had a beautiful blue sculpture that looked like a blue trophy. A small white booth that contained work by Elias Mung’ora  and a few sculptures by Kimani Ngaru stood on the opposite side.

Paintings by Elias Mung’ora

The Blue Sculpture at the entrance

Ngaru Kimani’s Sculpture


The living room space was empty of furniture, save for one couch where three beautiful kittens lay. Several tiny photographs, framed, adorned the dark wall on the left side of the room. A white shelf stood at eye’s view, with 3 mid sized photographs that were, to say the least, eye catching.


As you climb up the stairs, a strong multi-colored painting of an African woman in a head-wrap meets you. The wall next to the staircase contains a few framed geometric pencil drawings by Peteros Ndunde.

One of the “bedrooms” act as storage space for artwork from previos exhibitions. The other is an office where Michael Musyoka carries on all the official work for BrushTu.

Back Yard

The Artists reclaimed a portion of land adjacent to their studio-house, clearing out illegally dumped garbage and transforming it into a garden and hospitality space.

This was where all the main work was. The large space was conveniently used, complete with an installation at the far back corner. Paintings by Boniface Maina, drawings by Peteros Ndunde, printwork by Rop Kipruto Abdul, just to mention a few, donned the backyard. Lincoln Rioh had a gallery wall full of oblique drawings that really intrigued me.

Peteros Ndunde’s Gallery Wall

The Installation

Lincoln Rioh’s Gallery Wall

This was generally a great exhibition, and I am looking forward to what BrushTu have in offer in the future.

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All Images were taken by me.



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I am impressed by the pieces and the fact that you are good at capturing them in photos the way they are. Your photography skills are amazing.


Leona Ekina

Thank you Mo! I cannot wait to get a professional camera, i took these with my phone


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